Our Projects

Awadh Technology Park Project, Lucknow, U.P., India

The “Technology Park" to be linked with educational or research institutions. It will provide infrastructure and support services for businesses, particularly real estate and office space. It will perform a technology transfer function as well as an economic development function.

The “Technology Park” will act as model to capitalize on knowledge in national and regional development, are effective instruments in the transfer of technology, creation and attraction of companies with high added value. In order to accommodate small and medium-sized enterprises developed technologies to promote innovation and technological development by SMEs.

The “Technology Park” will consist of “Core Zone” and “Non Core Zone” infrastructure.

The “Core Zone” infrastructure includes Computer Hardware & Peripheral Units, Software Development Units, Middleware Units, BPO/KPO/ Consulting Units, Information and Communication Technology/ EDI Units, Skill Development Centre and the “Non Core Zone” infrastructure includes Residential, Commercial complex, Recreation facilities, Training Centre, Social amenities like hospital, school, public parks etc.

Benefits to UP State

  1. Increase in State GDP. Direct employment payments say Rs 3 lacs*5000 persons=Rs 150 cr/ year. Increase in indirect employment Rs 1.2 lacs*5000 persons== Rs 60 Cr/year
  2. Increase in up state tax collection
  3. Development of new entrepreneurs
  4. In new eco system many more technology parks will develop to create brand image of Lucknow as hub of knowledge based industries
  5. Reverse migration of best technical brains working outside UP in metros and abroad, when proper infrastructure and eco system will be available in their home town/ state
  6. Best utilization of R&D work by CSIR, ICAR, IITK, other research institutes, by application of their knowledge to industry.